So far, so...okay.

Life without television.  Sounds easy, right?  Not so, when your living room is dominated by a 50" plasma behemouth that stares you down as soon as you enter the house.  We could rearrange the furniture to how it was when we first moved it with a little less direct focus on the TV... but I would only suggest that to my darling husband when he is in the best of moods and willing to crawl under the house again to satisfy my furniture arrangement needs.  Or, I could get out of that room altogether, move to another room to relax and read or sew..... hmmm... my sewing room??

While the post was written 5 years ago, the sentiment of Kathy Sierra here still applies.  It's not the shows you watch, it's the television.  So far in my hiatus, I have watched one night of Monday night sitcoms (2 hours in total) and one night of a PBS series on food (yummy, glorious, exotic food!).  I'd say that's pretty good for a former television addict- a total of about 4 hours of TV?  I'll take it.  But here's what I discovered:  the sitcoms served to be an easy way to unwind with my hubby but they did nothing for my soul.  The PBS series was another way to unwind but it was educational... good for me... and fulfilled an interest of mine.  So which was the better of the two?  Clearly the latter, and not just because it was PBS.  It's because my mind was stimulated- ta da!!  I was interested in what I was watching, I was learning something, and I actively chose to watch it.  It was actually quite liberating. 

I know that after Lent is over and all of the Easter chocolates have come and gone, I will still be a television watcher.  The 50 inch-er is not going anywhere (unless it breaks or dies).  I will still watch, just a little more selectively.  And that is something I am really looking forward to.

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