excuses are so last winter

About, I dunno, two months ago, I finished my Crossfit Fundamentals.  "Your what??!!"  Crossfit.  Fundamentals.  Essentially Crossfit is an intense training program that works your muscles in ways you didn't know was possible and rocks your little happy workout world.  Treadmill junkie?  Go run 400m outside as quick as you can.  Weightlifter at the globo-gym?  How about 95lb. deadlifts as many as possible in 20 minutes.  Think you've got some spring in your step?  Double-unders.  150 of 'em.  You get the idea.  So, I did my fundamentals a while back with my hubby.  And he's been once since (and injured himself, but that's another story) and I have never been.  Why?  Why would I go through all of that time, effort, soreness, and money just to never again set foot in the place.  Well, let me give you my list of excuses:

- My schedule is already very full
- The workouts make my muscles stiff and I have worked so very hard at yoga to make them long and lean
- It's my hubby's thing - I don't want to interfere
- See above husband injury
- My priorities changed and I just want to focus on my current regimen
- and on and on and on....

*my inspiration and trainer with no excuses at all*

I think we can all make excuses for pretty much anything when it comes down to it.  Especially when it comes to exercise.  All of my workout clothes are dirty.  I have to go out later and don't want to get sweaty.  I. am. too. busy. (I know way too many people who say this one)  So, I'm not perfect.  Yes, I have a regular and content pilates and yoga workout schedule and am pretty fit.  But I like to try new things and experiment around and see what I might like... so why can't I commit to Crossfit?  To top it all off, it's across the street from my yoga studio so I see it all the time.  Why not go in?  I have the training.  I can join in a class if I want to.  Why not challenge my thinking?  This is the real question.  Without barely giving it a chance am I going to say "This isn't for me.  Thanks, but no thanks." or am I going to give it a shot- 5 or 10 classes and see how I do?  

This spring is about changes for me.  I am awakening an inner voice and living my life with full gusto.  I am going to see, experience, feel, and do - even if it's out of my comfort zone.  While I may not say yes to everything thrown my way over the next few months (I do still have to honor who I am at the core), I am pushing my boundaries and grow grow growing like the little spring flowers.  And so, tomorrow at 6pm I will be lacing up my shoes, heading into Crossfit 757 for the Tuesday night group workout.  I'll be the girl in the corner, ready to learn and grow (and drink a lot of water after!). 

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