Fabric fabric everywhere!

A sweet friend from my husband's work, Mary, was reading my blog (someone read my blog!  yayayayaya!) and saw that I am climbing on the quilting train.  And she gave me fuel for my fire... all of these beautiful fabrics!  Of course I had to immediately organize them by color and type....

And she says there is even more where these came from!  Her mother used to quilt but can't anymore so she is happy to see these fabrics go to some use -- and I am happy to use them.  Much love to Mary and her beautiful fabrics.  Bring on the sewing fun!


  1. wow So Jealous!! That would definitely fuel the fire! Fabric is so hard to chose and pricy! Have fun!

  2. They are so organized...and flat...and neat. I want to learn how to fold like that!

  3. Milena- it's super easy (if you have an acrylic ruler). Check out this post: http://lovegracemarie.blogspot.com/2010/02/organization-is-key.html

    Dingle- you don't know the half of it! I am so excited I *almost* don't know where to start!