Cooking up some ideas

Cooking, for me, has always been a bit of a creative endeavor.  I mess up, I score big time, but usually I just make a meal that satisfies and is pretty healthy.  I've been reading a lot about these 365 photo journals and I figured I would endeavor to do one and keep it over on my Flickr page --- with my food.  Sometimes I will share the photos here but, since this blog is for stuff other than food, I'll keep it all on my Flickr and just reference it now and again.  K?  So, I know it's the 10th of January, which makes me a few days behind but I have some photos to back up the past.  With each photo, I will tell you what the food is, attempt to give you some kind of "recipe" (though I usually make this stuff up) and give you any fun facts on how it came out.  Fun?  I think so!

So, without further ado:

Jan. 10, 2010

3 bean chili with Diaya cheese and cilantro - Yum!!