Round 2

Snow is falling once again on this little house.  And even more to the north of us and more and more and more... my brother was expecting 18-24" last night.  I sure do hope he had a shovel ready.

Snow is a pretty miraculous thing, right?  It is simply frozen water, falling from the sky just as rain falls, but it has a surprisingly different impact in it's frozen state.  Drivers are more cautious (or out of control), children (and kids at heart) run outside to make a snow angel or snowman or to have a snow ball fight.  Snow falls down and, on a good day, sticks to the ground and to itself and to everything it touches, turning the whole world white and wonderful.  Snow makes us stop in our tracks and it provides a place to leave tracks behind when we head out into the world.  We help our neighbors, shoveling sidewalks and driveways for each other, getting cars un-stuck from the snow the night before, assisting the elderly as they walk across the slick ground.  Each snowflake is different, we know, but they all look so much the same.  Snow has the power to cancel schools, close businesses, eliminate power lines and television.  Snow also encourages lighting a fire in the fireplace, snuggling up with a mug of hot cocoa, tucking in to a warm cup of soup, and grabbing that favorite quilt your grandmother made.  The dichotomy of snow is incredible ~ it truly is a wonder to behold and consider.  What else can make us stop, look up, and stick out our tongues in glee?  

As I ponder the snow, I have gathered a stack of books from the library to snuggle up with.  Enjoy your day....

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  1. Funny, I have very similar books sitting in a stack myself! In fact, some are exactly the same...that craft section is pretty exciting! :)